Embracing the Arts and Culture of London

Known for being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, London is a city that draws millions of visitors each year. Being a very large city, there is so much to do in London. And no matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something up your alley!London is noted for hosting a number of festivals each year that draw huge crowds. These festivals vary in themes, and are sure to entertain and teach visitors about the unique parts of this multicultural city.One of the most popular festivals is the City of London Festival, which is held each summer. In June and July the festival showcases the art, music, film and architecture that make London so unique – as a result this proves a big draw for both locals and tourists alike.In addition, August welcomes the smaller but just as popular Notting Hill Carnival. Held in one of London’s most popular areas, the street festival is a showcase of food and culture. In fact, it is thought that this carnival draws in close to two million people each year.For a child-oriented festival, each year the Waterloo Carnival is a treat for parents and children alike. Each year’s festival marks a theme, and 2008 proved very popular with a Wizard of Oz focus that was fun for everyone.In September, visitors are drawn to the River Thames, which flows through the middle of the city. The Mayor’s Thames Festival stretches between the London Eye and London Bridge, and showcases art and music along the way.But not all festivals in London are held during the warm months! Winter is also a time for celebration, with various festivals being held in the beginning of the year. The London Art Fair begins in January and is a display of some of the best contemporary art in Britain. And for sporty types, the London Boat Show is also held in January. The show displays the newest designs and features a variety of boats from around the world. Best of all, many of these festivals and events in the city are free for visitors to enjoy.And no matter what kind of entertainment you’re searching for, London is sure to have an event, festival or show that fits with your interests.However, it is important to remember that planning well in advance is key for such events, especially if you wish to find hotels in London conveniently located to your festival of choice.

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